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GT Remaps provides its customers with the most advanced mobile DPF & EGR Delete solutions that have shown to be reliable over and over again. 

Carbon buildup on valves results in obstructions, further reducing engine performance. It results in code problems and delayed vehicle movement. The majority of cars are eligible for EGR valve removal. Only newer diesels equipped with a DPF filter are not recommended for EGR removal.

 We always believe in safe and sensitive tuning – therefore, our clients are always returning.

The EGR valve (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is an emission control device used to assist vehicles in meeting ever-stricter Euro Emission Regulations. GT Remaps  EGR Delete and EGR bypass software is designed to disable the EGR valve’s operation, eliminating the associated running concerns.

We always perform a comprehensive health check before completing any DPF or EGR removal servicing, guaranteeing that the vehicle is in healthy condition and there is no current engine problem.

We feel that driving and dependability are as vital as performance, and so you can rest confident your vehicle is in safe hands when choosing to tune with GT Remaps.

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DPF Cleaning


Our DPF cleaning service is fast and effective using the latest technology. Our method restores the original initial state to 98% with verified outcomes.

DPF Fault Symptoms:

  • Loss of power
  • Higher fuel usage
  • Vehicle does not start
  • Reduced throttle response
  • Limp Mode

DPF Warning Lights:

  • Engine Management Light
  • DPF Light
  • Flashing Coil Light
✓ Better Economy
✓ Low Engine Temp
✓ Low Oil Contamination
✓ Lower Carbon Deposits
✓ Throttle Response

EGR Delete


The Pros of Deleting the EGR Valve include lower engine temp, Better throttle response, Reduced Oil Contamination and Carbon Deposits.

EGR Valve Fault Symptoms:

  • Power loss
  • Fuel usage is reduced
  • Reduced throttle response
  • Limp Mode

EGR Warning lights:

  • Engine Management Light
  • Flashing Glow Plug Light
✓ Better Economy
✓ Low Engine Temp
✓ Low Oil Contamination
✓ Lower Carbon Deposits
✓ Throttle Response

Have a DPF Problem? Removal, DPF Delete, DPF Cleaning, Blocked DPF, DPF Clean, Replace DPF…

GT Remaps provide comprehensive DPF Cleaning Solutions for all vehicles with DPF issues, including cars, 4x4s and commercial vehicles

We offer two DPF removal services. We may do a complete removal and tuning process or erase the DPF software from your vehicle following the removal.

To altogether remove the DPF, the filter hardware must be removed from the exhaust system, which could be accomplished in one of two ways: 1) A new pipe can be installed (only available on some vehicles) 2) The existing pipe can be adjusted by removing the inside DPF block. Both of these methods are permanent and have been well tested. 

At GT Remaps, we typically remove and replace the DPF brick from the existing pipe. Following removal, the software must be uninstalled from the vehicle’s ECU to disable the active and passive regeneration cycles and any other DPF functions.

This can be accomplished by removing the ECU and programming it on a bench or by flashing it through the car’s OBD socket. For many folks, disconnecting the DPF from the exhaust system is a result of unit-related issues.

Numerous filters become blocked due to their failure to renew, resulting in dashboard warning lights and, in certain circumstances, engine performance limitations.

Since dealerships refer to a Diesel Particle Filter as a ‘wear and tear’ item, vehicle manufacturers will not replace them under warranty, and they can be pretty expensive to replace (often approximately £1,500).

*We can remove the DPF from your car for a fraction of the cost.

Our DPF and EGR solutions are custom and tailored to fit your requirements. We utilise the latest techniques and equipment to ensure your car engine is custom-tuned without compromise.

The procedure is completely risk-free. We’ll remove the DPF filter physically and apply a software delete patch, or we’ll leave it in place and implement a software solution. You have an option.

At GT Remaps we pride ourselves on being dependable, friendly and providing first-class tuning services.


Professional DPF and EGR Delete