Car remapping services, engine remaps, dpf removal & car servicing

ECU Remapping – Performance Engine Remaps

ECU Remapping (chip tuning) your vehicle’s engine will save you money, improve performance, and reduce fuel consumption. Our mobile ECU tuning service will programme your vehicle’s engine to be more responsive.

Our ECU Remap software is the outcome of our extensive development projects, ensuring the best performance and reliability.

The performance tuning industry has grown significantly over the last 15 years, and with our in-house developers, we are a key player in this growth.


TDi Tuning – Diesel Engine Remaps 

Are you looking to boost your TDi Turbo Diesel’s power, torque, and fuel economy? Want a more responsive throttle and increased acceleration?

Diesel engine tuning is extremely popular because diesel engines respond exceptionally positively to tuning. Almost all diesel engine vehicles can achieve significant gains in power, torque, and fuel economy.

We promise to custom tune each engine

DPF Removal / EGR Removal

At GT Remaps we can remove DPFs and EGRs from the majority of cars and vans using both hardware and software.

In the majority of modern vehicles, DPF and EGR filters are installed to limit emissions and increase fuel efficiency. Even if these function as expected, they may malfunction or become clogged. We can have these removed from your vehicle to enhance performance and lower emissions.

Home car servicing near you

GT Remaps mechanics can service your car any time at your convenience, regardless of where you live or work. 

We’ll bring all the tools and parts required to fix your car on the day of the appointment.

Our prices are significantly lower than those of a car garage. Mechanics you can trust, with next-day service at your door!


Unlock your car’s true potential