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Car servicing helps conserve fuel, protect your engine, and reduce your CO2 emissions while maintaining peak performance in your car. For the ultimate driving experience choose GT Remaps for Performance Air Filters, Engine Oil and Filter Changes.

GT Remaps provides its customers with the most trusted mobile home car servicing mechanics that have shown to be reliable over and over again.

Book a reputable mechanic at your home or workplace in seconds:
1. Provide vehicle detail, describe the problem, and we’ll connect you with the appropriate home mechanic from our team.
2. Choose a date, time, and place.
3. Your mobile mechanic will visit you at whichever address is most convenient for you, on the date and time of your choosing.

We consistently strive to provide customers with safe and reliable vehicle services and modifications. Consequently, our customers always happily return.

Servicing your car with GT Remaps

Reduce downtime, travel, fuel costs, and inconvenience, and best of all, there is no additional charge*. GT Remaps provides a one-of-a-kind car service for consumers needing vehicle servicing or repairs. With our revolutionary mobile servicing, you can save time and money by having your car, or van serviced wherever and whenever it is most convenient for you.

Our mobile service vans operate throughout the UK. They are fully equipped to handle all aspects of car servicing, from diagnostic tests and warranty repairs to safety recalls and software upgrades. Whether you own a single car or a large commercial fleet, we can assist you with maintaining your vehicle and maintaining an up-to-date service record.

We always perform a comprehensive health check before completing any car servicing, guaranteeing that the vehicle is in healthy condition and there is no current engine problem.

Driving and dependability are as vital as performance, so you can rest confident your vehicle is in safe hands when choosing to service with GT Remaps.

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GT Remaps will determine the type and grade of oil specified by the car manufacturer, to quickly compare your options and make the best selection.

Oil Fault Symptoms:

  • Thermal breakdown
  • Oxidation
  • Vehicle does not start
  • Oil sludge
  • High Emissions

Oil Warning Lights:

  • Engine Management Light
  • Oil Light
  • Flashing Oil Light
✓ Better Economy
✓ Clean Old Sludge
✓ 50% Cleaner Engine
✓ High Performance
✓ Reduce Engine Wear
air filter change_performance air filters remaps



If your car’s air filter is blocked, this can lead to decreased vehicle performance and even engine damage. Save time and money with a GT Remap Service.

Air Filter Fault Symptoms:

  • Power loss
  • Fuel usage is reduced
  • Rough idle
  • Allergies /Contaminants

Air Filter Warning lights:

  • Engine Management Light
  • Flashing Air Filter Light
✓ Better Economy
✓ Low Engine Temp
✓ More Horsepower
✓ Lower Carbon Deposits
✓ High Performance

Trusted local car mechanics, next-day car interim service at your door

For the ultimate driving experience choose GT Remaps! Maintain optimum levels on your car with our, Engine Oil Service and Performance Air Filter Change.

Servicing your car on a regular basis is essential, as it can be the difference between your car working smoothly and efficiently, or being slapped with an unexpectedly large repair bill. Car servicing is required to check fluid levels, tyre pressure, and any other wear and tear that may occur.

Why do we partner with Castrol Oil?

Castrol is a leading brand of high-performance engine oils for cars and other vehicles. Castrol debuted in the 19th century in London, and its premium line is called Castrol Edge. It contains the best products in their inventory, commonly utilised in supercars and race cars.

Because Castrol Edge motor oils are entirely synthetic and developed for performance and mileage, Castrol’s products also contain a proprietary Titanium technology that provides three times with the viscosity stability of standard oils.


As a result, most vehicle manufacturers and racing teams use Castrol Edge products. These lubricants are also suited for Jaguar, Volkswagen, Audi, and Land Rover. At GT Remaps we firmly believe that Castrol Edge is the name to remember for a clean and powerful engine.

GT Remaps Performance Air Filter Change

An air filter keeps dirt, debris, pollutants, and road bugs out of the combustion chamber of the engine. A clogged or non-functioning air filter can significantly limit vehicle performance and may even result in engine damage.

Removing a clogged air filter will improve fuel efficiency and acceleration. With this in mind, it makes sense to change your air filters on a regular basis.

We will consult your vehicles owner’s manual and inspect your car to determine when your air filter should be replaced. This should be done every 12,000-15,000 miles, depending on the vehicle model and manufacturer.

Our performance air filters performed better than dirty OEM filters (9.01 seconds from 20-60 mph and 3.61 seconds from 45-60 mph). 60 mph took 3.49 seconds while 20 mph took 8.81 seconds. Yes, our performance air filters are effective!

*For the ultimate driving experience choose GT Remaps top tier servicing package. Maintain optimum performance levels with our Engine Oil Service and Performance Air Filter Change. Contact us now to find out more.

Our mobile work or home car service solutions are custom and tailored to fit your requirements. We utilise the latest techniques and equipment to ensure your car engine is diagnosed, custom-tuned and serviced without compromise.

At GT Remaps we pride ourselves on being dependable, friendly and providing first-class tuning services.


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